Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ADVA's 100G Metro Adds On-the-Fly Encryption

ADVA Optical Networking introduced a new 100G Metro solution with built-in on-the-fly encryption and fully integrated with its ADVA FSP 3000 platform.  The card, which is based upon the 4x28G technology of the original ADVA 100G Metro, leverages Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a key size of 256 bits. It features a Diffie Hellmann dynamic key exchange with over 60 exchanges per hour.

ADVA said its solution provides encryption at the lowest network layer and is completely agnostic to protocols such as Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and Ethernet. It also supports a wide variety of data rates from 5 Gbps, to 10 Gbps to 40 Gbps and onto 100 Gbps. To ensure compatibility in point-to-point and multi-hop infrastructures, the ADVA 100G Metro with built-in encryption uses optical transport network (OTN) framing. It also adds very little latency to the transmission link – less than 150 nanoseconds – compared to our non-encrypted version. This stands in stark contrast to higher layer encryption technologies that often add significant overhead and multiply the latency of the data stream.

The company also noted that its solution also encrypts the header and checksum of the signal, not just the payload or select bytes in the header, leaving no breadcrumbs that may be intercepted and analyzed.

“The security of data has never been so important; its integrity never so public. We're living in a new era of data awareness,” said Uli Schlegel, director, data center business development, ADVA Optical Networking. “In the wake of Heartbleed and other data security scares, businesses are only too aware of how vulnerable their mission-critical data is. How susceptible it is to theft and malicious use. Data security is now of paramount importance. At the same time, the volume of data has never been so immense. Transporting and protecting this data requires something purpose built, something special. That's what sets our 100G Metro with built-in encryption technology apart. It's the only product on the market capable of securely transporting big data.”

ADVA confirmed that its 100G Metro with built-in encryption has already been deployed by a number of enterprises and service providers.