Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Huawei: SDN and the Future of Networking

In this video interview, Jane Li, Chief Operating Officer, Huawei Enterprise, discusses cloud networking and SDN as key trends reshaping the industry and leading to new opportunities for companies with a broad range of integration expertise.

00:08 - Where are the big opportunities in networking today?

01:21 - How is Huawei positioned to deal with the transition to SDN in enterprise and data center networks?

02:32 - Where is SDN in the market today?

03:19 - Is SDN just another marketing game or will the concept of openness really take hold?

05:40 - What elements does Huawei need in its portfolio to succeed in SDN?

Ajay Gupta, Director of Marketing, Huawei, comments on the following:

07:34 - Will bare metal servers/switches based on commodity silicon come to dominate the networks of tomorrow?

08:59 - Will the transition to SDN be about building overlays on top of conventional networks?

09:50 - What are the market drivers for SDN?

10:35 - From an SDN point of view, how does Huawei approach security?

11:21 - What is the best thing about SDN?

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