Sunday, April 13, 2014

Digital Route's Service Control Supports Tiered Data Buckets

Digital Route, a company based in Sweden that provides mediation and data integration solutions, introduced a new Service Control solution that lets network operators support tiered pricing models.

Service Control is a pre-configured Use Case built on DigitalRoute’s MediationZone platform, which is presently used by over 270 communications service providers worldwide. It provides a service delivery and execution engine that is designed to support operators in instances where usage bundles (of voice, data, and/or next generation services) form the core of a competitive strategy.

Digital Route said a key feature of its Service Control is that tiered pricing models can be managed in simple buckets, bypassing costly changes to or even direct involvement with legacy rating and billing. The solution implements a data layer that is system and silo-agnostic.  This enables the offloading of legacy billing.