Tuesday, April 8, 2014

AT&T Leverages Blue Coat for Cloud Web Security Service for SMBs

AT&T launched a subscription-based Cloud Web Security service for businesses that provides real-time protection against viruses, malware, and compromised web sites.

AT&T Cloud Web Security, which is built on Blue Coat Systems’ Security Policy and Enforcement Center, does not require any on-site equipment. It enables customers to enforce consistent global security policies across wired, roaming, and mobile environments.

AT&T said its Cloud Web Security Services uses a combination of sophisticated, real-time analysis, malware scanning and shared threat intelligence from 75 million users to block suspicious and malicious web content. By blocking communications to command and control servers, the service also enables IT to quickly identify and quarantine infected systems.

“Six months ago, we told our customers we’d deliver better end-to-end protection, making major improvements to our network-based defense, cloud security, secure mobile business, and threat management solutions,” said Andy Daudelin, VP, Security Services, AT&T Business Solutions. “Since then, we announced significant enhancements in each of these areas, but we’re not stopping here. The launch of this new on-demand cloud security solution is an important milestone in our commitment to deliver improved security, analytics, and threat visibility to our customers.”