Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ALU Enterprise Debuts SDN-enabled OmniSwitch 6860

Alcatel-Lucent's Enterprise division unveiled its new OmniSwitch 6860 (OS6860) family featuring gigabit access speeds coupled with embedded analytics and programmability. Highlights include:

  • Powered by a custom ASIC and coprocessor providing wire-rate deep packet inspection (DPI) and policy enforcement right at the edge of the network. 
  • SDN-enabled with the support of OpenFlow and OpenStack.
  • Four unique 1G PoE ports that offer up to 60W Power over Ethernet (PoE) to support next generation devices that require high power, such as small cells that combine cellular and Wi-Fi, and high definition video surveillance cameras.
  • Data center and IT friendly: all ports are in the front, with front-to-back cooling and an innovative Bluetooth management connection so smart devices can be used to manage the switch. In addition, it can be used in the data center as a 1GbE top-of-rack switch.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise said it is adding deep packet inspection at the wired and wireless access layer to advance its Application Fluent Network capabilities. It can now consolidate this information with network analytics tools that help IT teams gain improved visibility into the applications, and also create policies and enforce them at the edge of the network to secure and optimize delivery of applications to employees and customers.

Additionally, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's entire portfolio now has Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities -- extending across the access, to the core and into the data center. The SDN capabilities include REST API’s, OpenFlow 1.0/1.3 and the ability to leverage OpenStack plug-ins for full orchestration across the entire network.