Monday, March 10, 2014

NTT Electronics Adds First 100G ROSA Products

NTT Electronics (NEL) has released the first high performance 100G ROSA products for client optical interfaces. The ROSA products offer a cost effective solution for the NRZ 25G optical tributary signal with lower power dissipation.

“Today, NEL announced the availability of APD ROSA devices with very high performance which offer significant advantages by reducing the size and power dissipation of 4x25G transceivers particularly for 10km and longer reach applications close to 40km,” said Mr. Hagimoto, President of NTT Electronics. The ROSA device will be a key enabler of the next generation networks.

“Availability of NEL’s APD ROSA devices is an important development for the industry which will enable compact, low power, extended reach 100G solutions for large scale network deployment. A key advantage over existing solutions is compatibility with cost effective, directly modulated laser transmitters,” said Chris Cole, Director of Transceiver Engineering at Finisar.

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