Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Google Advances its Cloud Platform

Google rolled out new features and significantly lower and simpler pricing for its Cloud Platform.

At at developer event in San Francisco, Urs Hölzle, Senior VP at Google, said the company is completely committed to making available the same infrastructure it uses for its own services at the price curves of Moore's Law. Google Cloud Platform should be "a clear path make developers incredibly more productive" by supporting multiple OSes, offering toolsets, and delivering Google scalability and predictability.

Some highlights of the event:

  • Compute Engine pricing was reduced by 32% across all sizes, regions, and classes.
  • App Engine pricing was simplified, with significant reductions in database operations and front-end compute instances.
  • Cloud Storage is now priced at a consistent 2.6 cents per GB -- a 68% price cut for most customers.
  • Google BigQuery on-demand prices were reduced by 85%.
  • Google demoed live VM migration of a 1080p video stream from one server to another
  • Google now support Windows Server 2008 R2 on Compute Engine in limited preview and Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server are now available to everyone.
  • Google is now offering real time analysis of Big Data Streams with the ability to ingest 100K rows/second.  The company demoed a smart grid analysis where huge streams of data from electricity meters across Seattle are processed in real time.
  • Introduced Google Cloud DNS - a high-performance DNS with simple API and integrated in Google console
  • Google is now offering Managed Virtual Machines -- allows developers to ""break glass"" in App Engine and add a managed VM to your application. You get the flexibility of raw VMs with the auto-management capabilities of App Engine. It's one small part of our efforts to build the world's best public cloud.
  • We process 6.3 trillion Cloud Datastore operations every month. That's 30 operations per person per day for every single person on earth.
  • Google Cloud Platform supports 4.75 million active applications.
  • It's now just 2.6 cents per GB to store your data on Cloud Storage. DRA storage is just 2 cents per GB.