Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ChinaCache to Integrate Caching in LTE Base Stations with NSN

ChinaCache is working with Nokia Solutions and Networks to incorporate content delivery network (CDN) technologies into NSN’s Liquid Applications solution, enabling content to be delivered directly from the LTE base station for greater performance.

The companies said the intent of the collaboration is to further enhance Liquid Applications and strengthen ChinaCache’s capabilities in mobile Internet content delivery. Liquid Applications will enable innovative features for ChinaCache’s current technology, such as improved location capabilities, awareness of user behavior, and real-time adaptation to network conditions.

“Liquid Applications is a disruptive innovation that will enable mobile operators to truly differentiate the mobile broadband experience for their subscribers through accelerated content delivery and exciting new applications and services,” said Markus Borchert, president of NSN Greater China region. “Cooperating with ChinaCache on the next generation of mobile CDN technology will open up the opportunity for unprecedented subscriber experience while allowing mobile operators to introduce new business models.”

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