Sunday, February 23, 2014

Palo Alto Networks Launches its Next Gen Firewall

Palo Alto Networks launched its next-generation, enterprise firewall, the PA-7050. featuring capabilities such as full application enablement, IPS, AV and WildFire active on all traffic.

Network security challenges continue to evolve, according to the company, because sophisticated cyber attacks are now hiding in plain sight, using common applications to penetrate exterior defenses, and once inside a network, act like day-to-day traffic while stealing targeted data via applications such as FTP, webmail or veiled within SSL.  Palo Alto Networks argues that common port-based firewalls, plus simple signature-based protection mechanisms masked as next-generation firewalls cannot safely enable applications; they only block them, and further cannot deliver adequate performance with these security features enabled.  The result: many organizations limit application of tight security controls, leaving their organizations at risk.

The new PA-7050 is designed to protect digital assets by identifying and safely enabling all applications, including those encrypted with SSL while blocking known and unknown threats. It supports throughput speeds up to 120 Gbps for core firewall functionality. It can be used in the data center where validation of applications and users, and threat prevention at 100Gbps or more is critical; as an Internet gateway, where visibility and control over all applications and protection from known and unknown threats are critical; and for internal network segments, where isolation of critical data and business functions is required.

In addition, NTT Com Security (formerly Integralis) will resell the Palo Alto Networks security platform.

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