Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NEC Contributes Network Virtualization to OpenDaylight Hydrogen

NEC has contributed its Virtual Tenant Network (VTN) source code to the OpenDaylight Project's “Hydrogen” release, which was revealed at the first annual OpenDaylight Summit in Santa Clara.

The VTN, introduced by NEC at the July 2013 HackFest, consists of a set of technology components that provide a multi-tenant virtual network through the OpenDaylight controller.

The VTN provides an abstraction that enables the complete separation of the network’s logical plane from its physical plane. Applications can program the network using Northbound APIs. Once the network has been defined using VTN, it will automatically be mapped to the physical network through the controller.

NEC said the benefits of the VTN include:

  • More efficient management of the network resources
  • Reduced time to configure network services
  • Minimized network configuration errors

“The VTN is a core technology of NEC’s ProgrammbleFlow® Network Fabric, and has been deployed globally by carrier and enterprise customers for their production networks,” said Don Clark, director of business development for NEC Corporation of America. “The VTN network design enables deployment of logical networks on top of any underlying physical network topology, reducing complexity of traditional network design and increasing service agility. We’re pleased to be part of the Hydrogen release.”