Monday, January 6, 2014

TE SubCom Achieves 13 Tbps on 6,500-km Undersea Cable

TE SubCom completed the second installation of its next generation coherent fiber optic subsea system and achieved 13 Tbps capacity over a distance of 6,500 km without any regeneration.

TE Subcom said the new system is a pan-Asian system (customer name not disclosed) with a longest path of over 6,500 km.  It combined a specially designed underwater fiber plant as well as TE SubCom's commercially available coherent C100U line card that features synchronous modulation for 100 Gbps operation.  The optical fiber used was optimized for coherent transmission and resulted in over 131,000 ps/nm of dispersion.  TE SubCom’s C100U line card utilized Nyquist channel spacing to obtain 300% spectral efficiency.  The C100U line card supports electronic dispersion compensation and uses patented synchronous modulation.  The electronic dispersion compensation can enable systems up to 12,000 km without any optical compensation in the wet or dry plant.  This combination provides unique capabilities for the benefit of system operators.

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