Tuesday, January 28, 2014

PMC Supports Open Compute Project with High Density Storage

PMC announced high-density storage connectivity support for the Open Compute Project (OCP).

The reference architecture is based on the OCP’s Open Rack form factor that re-engineers the conventional data center rack for maximum power efficiency, serviceability and investment protection.

PMC's solution uses its Adaptec 78165 24-port RAID adapter enables the densest Open Rack storage capacity, connecting more Open Vault JBOD storage arrays per Winterfell server head node. A common scale-out configuration can now support connectivity for 360 drives per rack, a 33 percent increase in capacity, with fewer Winterfell servers.

"PMC’s high-density storage technology provides the connectivity to enable the Open Compute ecosystem, and it fits perfectly with the OCP’s mission for scalable, efficient and cost-effective storage," said Jared Peters, vice president of Server Storage Solutions at PMC. "We’re committed to contributing to OCP work group specifications and other projects across the industry to enhance current and future data center solutions."