Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Netsocket Announces a Virtualized Data Center Customer

Catapult Systems, a national Microsoft-focused IT consulting company, has deployed the Netsocket Virtual Network (NVN) in its data center to enable the managed service provider to easily turn on their new remote offices with full virtual networking functionality.

Catapult, which is a Microsoft National Systems Integrator (NSI) providing full range IT services, is using the Netsocket Virtual Network solution for their own new remote offices.

Netsocket Virtual Network is a centrally managed virtual network optimized for enterprise LAN and WAN edge network deployments.  The company said its solution was deployed on commodity x86 servers at the Catapult central data center in less than an hour, resulting in a secure mesh VPN tunnel network between the new remote site and headquarters. The new remote site can now access corporate resources securely.  Additionally, Catapult's IT department has the flexibility to easily deploy additional services or applications to the remote site x86 server which is hosting the NVN.


In July 2013, Netsocket, a start-up based in Plano, Texas, unveiled its flagship Netsocket Virtual Network (NVN) product suite for bringing SDN-based orchestration and automation capabilities to enterprise infrastructure based commodity x86 servers. Netsocket has developed a three-tier SDN architecture for interoperability and integration with legacy routed networks as well as higher level management systems such as Microsoft System Center.  The NetSocketdesign uses a vFlow controller with routing, firewall, and VPN capabilities built-in.