Thursday, January 23, 2014

Huawei Tests Ultra-Flash Circuit-Switched Fallback with Qualcomm

Huawei completed an interoperability test (IOT) for an Ultra-Flash Circuit-switched fallback (CSFB) solution using its infrastructure and chipsets from Qualcomm Technologies.

The tests, which were conducted at Huawei’s Shanghai R&D facility, demonstrated shortened voice call setup times for 4G networks.

Ultra-Flash CSFB makes special use of a single radio voice call continuity (SRVCC) process to significantly shorten voice call setup times for 4G networks. Huawei said another advantage is that Ultra-Flash reduces CSFB deployment cost and complexity compared to standard solutions, which typically require upgrades to the entire 2G/3G radio network. The Ultra-Flash solution also helps operators smoothly evolve from CSFB to voice over LTE (VoLTE)-enabled networks. Huawei's solution is now ready for commercial deployment on both mobile networks and smartphones.

Huawei also tested several commercial smartphones running on Qualcomm Technologies’ chipsets. The test results showed that it is not necessary to modify smartphones to be able to make use of the Ultra-Flash CSFB solution and that only chipsets that support SRVCC are needed to do so.

  • As of December 2013, Huawei has deployed 50 commercial CSFB and won 14 commercial VoLTE networks contracts. To date, Huawei has submitted 12,686 LTE/EPC standards proposals to 3GPP, more than any other company.