Monday, January 13, 2014

Ceragon Cites Two Wireless Backhaul Projects in India & North America

Ceragon Networks announced large orders from two leading national operators in North America and India (unnamed) for its IP-20 radios.  The orders cover several thousand units for use in wireless backhaul networks supporting LTE services.

For the India operator’s network rollout, Ceragon will deliver the FibeAir IP-20C, an all outdoor multi-core solution delivering gigabit capacity over narrow channels; and FibeAir IP-20N, a multi-radio aggregation node. The deployment will be part of a 4G/LTE network which will be rolled out during 2014.  Building on its long time presence and strong footprint in India, Ceragon continues to be the vendor of choice for the country’s leading operators

In North America, Ceragon will deploy hundreds of radio links as part of the operator’s network, which will carry LTE traffic from coast-to-coast. Based on Ceragon’s FibeAir IP-20A, the network will support multi Gigabit data-rates to meet the bandwidth requirements of end users. The FibeAir IP-20A will be deployed in both all-indoor and split-mount configurations.

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