Monday, May 27, 2013

DE-CIX Apollon Goes Live - World's Largest Internet Exchange

DE-CIX, which operates the world's largest Internet Exchange in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), has activated the first "supernode" if its next generation interconnection platform -- DE-CIX Apollon.

The platform leverages ADVA Optical Networking's flagship FSP 3000 platform for optical transport capacity of up to 2 Terabits/sec per fiber pair. 

The switching layer is powered by Alcatel-Lucent's Core Router 7950 XRS, which supports port density of up to 80 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports per chassis. The core of the DE-CIX Apollon network is based on four supernodes that are built from the Alcatel-Lucent 7950 XRS and which are fed by customer-facing switches, both located at secure locations spread throughout the Frankfurt metro.

Now that the first node is active, DE-CIX plans to migrate its remaining legacy switches over to the 7950 XRS switches over the coming months.

Telefónica and MegaFon Form Global Strategic Partnership

Telefónica and MegaFon, a leading Russian universal telecommunications operator, have established a strategic partnership. The carriers hope to achieve cost savings in equipment purchases via joint procurement.  MegaFon and Telefónica will also exchange technological know-how.

Under the Agreement Telefónica will provide services to multinational corporate clients using MegaFon’s network and similarly MegaFon business customers will have access to services when abroad.

MegaFon will join Telefónica’s Partners Programme, which enables telecommunications operators to work together and to benefit from Telefónica’s scale and knowledge.  Telefónica's programme already includes equity partners such as China Unicom and Telecom Italia, as well as other members.

Currently Telefónica and its Partners provide services to customers in 52 countries with a population of 1.5 billion people.

 “Joining Telefónica’s Partners Programme is in line with MegaFon’s long term strategy focused on efficient growth, mobile Internet service development and enhancement of the customer experience. This Agreement enables us to work with the best international professionals to use their experience in improving quality of services, customer relationship management and in new product development," stated Ivan Tavrin, Chief Executive Officer of MegaFon.

NTT Develops 10G LEAP Laser with 90% Power Reduction

Researchers at NTT have developed a Lambda-sacle Embedded Active Photonic-crystal (LEAP) Laser that enables 10 Gbps communications while using only 10% of the power of conventional lasers.  NTT believes the technology could be used for optical cross-connects between microprocessors, yielding significant reduction in power consumption and heat.

NTT Laboratories have been developing the LEAP laser to create the world’s first continuum wave operation of a current-injection photonic crystal laser with the threshold current of 390 microamperes at room temperature (20°C-30°C).  NTT Laboratories are aiming to market this laser in about 2016.