Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Swiss Research Net Picks ECI for MultiLayer Transport

SWITCH, the non-profit organization providing backbone services to Swiss universities’ networks, has selected ECI to deploy a next-generation optical network based on its Apollo family of Optimized Multi-Layer Transport (OMLT) platforms.  The network will offer both 10G and 100G connectivity to universities and educational institutes in the country.

ECI will deploy a multi-degree colorless and directionless ROADM WDM network, with 88 channels supporting 10G/100G customized services.

"With the new ECI Apollo transport system running on a substantially extended core backbone, SWITCHlan will be in a comfortable position to quickly provide Terabits of capacity between its backbone nodes all over the country. The Apollo system’s inherent optical switching capability allows to easily reroute our traffic streams in case of damage to a backbone fiber. We are particularly pleased to see how well the new system is able to coexist with local links sharing the fibers – using an unusual but simple setup of versatile, passive optics along the existing backbone fiber routes," stated Felix Kugler, Network engineer, SWITCH.


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