Wednesday, December 4, 2013

inexio Deploys ADVA 100G Metro in Germany and Luxembourg

inexio, which operates over 5,000 km of fiber routes in Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Luxembourg, Lorraine and Belgium, has deployed the ADVA 100G Metro solution for regional connectivity in Germany and Luxembourg. The network serves both enterprise and residential customers. A long-standing customer of ADVA Optical Networking and Axians, inexio has benefited from the native scalability of the ADVA FSP 3000, gradually expanding its network infrastructure with customer demand.

“We're a company that believes in technology, that believes in trust, that believes in providing customers with the best experience possible,” said David Zimmer, managing director, inexio. “That's why we've developed such a long-term relationship with the team at ADVA Optical Networking and their partner Axians. They share our focus, our passion. Together we've built an incredibly responsive network, one that continues to meet the expectations of all our customers, whether they're enterprises seeking robust business continuity solutions or residents seeking the latest high-bandwidth connections - we provide everything they need. The ADVA 100G Metro is key to this and ensures that we have access to all the bandwidth we could want.”