Wednesday, December 18, 2013

CloudNFV Advances with Proof-of-Concept Acceptance by ETSI NFV ISG

The ETSI Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Industry Specifications Group (ISG) has accepted the first proof-of-concept application covering expected use cases.

CloudNFV, which was set-up by CIMI Corporation President Tom Nolle, submitted the NFV proposal on behalf of its members, which include 6WIND, Dell, EnterpriseWeb, Huawei, Overture, Mellanox, Metaswitch and Qosmos.

The CloudNFV POC leverages extensions to the ETSI NFV framework based on work by the TMF (GB942 and GB922) and the IETF (i2aex).  The project's top goal is "to demonstrate a framework for the application of NFV principles to actual service provider service creation, deployment and management practices." This includes four CloudNFV service processes:  NodeBuilder, ServiceBuilder, ServiceBroker, and ServiceManager.

The approved PoC application is sponsored by Sprint and Telefonica.

The CloudNFV PoC is already being hosted in Dell’s Cloud in Santa Clara, California.  The group intends to publish the results of specific tests along with recommended additions and modifications.