Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Verizon Launches Managed Certificates for Internet of Things

Verizon Enterprise Solutions has launched Managed Certificate Services, a next-generation, cloud-based platform designed to authenticate objects and machines -- verifying object and machine “identities” -- and securing data transmitted between these connections.

Verizon said its new class of cloud-based certificates provides strong security while eliminating the need for expensive hardware and complex implementations that were once the hallmark of public key infrastructure (PKI)-based solutions. Verizon MCS offers a fully managed environment that allows clients to remain focused on their core business without the complexity and cost of managing and monitoring their certificate infrastructure.

“With the continued explosion of the Internet of Things and the expansion of connected objects and machines, businesses require a simple, scalable and effective way to manage identity and data integrity,” said Eddie Schwartz, vice president of global security solutions for Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “Verizon’s Managed Certificate Services build upon our solid digital certificate technology and managed security services expertise with a cloud-based platform to deliver an ideal offering for the age of connected solutions.”

Verizon Managed Certificate Service is available immediately in the U.S. and Europe, with a December rollout planned for the Asia-Pacific region.


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