Monday, November 11, 2013

Sprint Offers Cloud Optimizer for Microsoft Office 365

Sprint launched a Cloud Optimizer service that leverages caching technology to optimize bandwidth and performance for Microsoft Office 365 and Sharepoint applications.  The service lets users enjoy the collaboration functionality of Office 365 and SharePoint online as well as read access to customer-selected public websites from virtually anywhere, even if they have limited or no Internet access.

Bandwidth optimization reduces network traffic associated with Office 365 and other public websites, enabling more efficient use of a WAN.
When online, users can enjoy accelerated Web browsing as cache technology reduces the downloaded content.

“Sprint Cloud Optimizer offers yet another valuable capability that helps companies enjoy even greater productivity, while also reducing the impact of customer network congestion and other remote-working challenges,” said Wayne Ward, vice president of business and product development, Sprint. “Employees can work virtually anywhere and have all the benefits of remote cloud-based access to Office 365 plus enjoy Web content when offline, while their company can save from more efficient bandwidth utilization.”

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