Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Poland's Netia Tests Coriant's 400G Optical Transport

Netia, Poland's largest alternative provider of fixed-line telecommunications, has tested a 400G DWDM solution from Coriant.

The trials, based on Coriant's industry-leading hiT 7300 DWDM technology, included:

  • Flexigrid ROADMs - to support flexible channel spacing, specifically across 400G in 150GHz superchannels

  • A Flexigrid 400G superchannel signal based on 4 subcarriers
  • The purpose of the trial was long haul transmission of a 400G signal adjacent to 10G (NRZ) signals with several filter widths, namely:
  • Use of standard width filters (ITU -T grid): 100GHz and 50GHz.
  • Use of a superchannel with a channel width of 150GHz. A 400G channel was placed directly between the four 10G channels with 50GHz spacing
  • The trial system consisted of two Flexigrid ROADM nodes (without dispersion compensators) connected in a point-to-point architecture. Each node had a standard amplifier (outgoing signals) and preamplifier (for incoming signals).
Coriant said the test results presented no significant differences in optical performance when varying superchannel width from 400GHz to 150GHz. At the same time the tests revealed that the adjacent 10G (NRZ) channels and Flexigrid 400G superchannel configuration worked properly without any interference with each other.