Thursday, November 14, 2013

KT to Launch Mobile Content Acceleration in LTE Network Q1 2014

KT will be the first commercial mobile content acceleration service in its LTE network in Q1 2014 based on Ericsson's Mobile Cloud Accelerator (MCA) solution.

Ericsson said trials of its Mobile Cloud Accelerator showed that web page download times could be reduced by more than 50 percent.  The solution works by guaranteeing traffic transmission quality of certain categories of data, such as premium content and application traffic in the radio access area.

Heekyoung Song, Head of Enterprise IT Business Unit, KT commented: "We're pleased to announce that KT will be the first operator in the world to provide a commercial mobile content acceleration service, thanks to our strong partnership with Ericsson. It means that we can expand the connectivity of our premium CDN service from the fixed network, which we launched last year, to the mobile network. MCA deployment in our network will enable us to offer our subscribers a differentiated and higher quality of service. Downloading content in a much shorter time may well be one of the exceptionally good reasons why subscribers choose our network."

Jan Signell, Head of Region North East Asia, Ericsson says: "The explosion of connected mobile devices has opened a whole new world of possibilities, and LTE in South Korea is moving faster than in any other market. That's why our partnership with KT is important to us, because it allows us to be in the very frontline of developing future innovative mobile services."

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