Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Huawei Brings its High Performance Compute Platform to U.S. Market

Huawei announced the US launch of its Tecal E9000 blade server featuring integrated compute, storage, networking and system management.  The blade server is optimized for private and hybrid cloud infrastructure, mission-critical enterprise IT applications, in-memory computing, real-time big data analytics and HPC Cluster applications.

Huawei E9000 x86 server platform boasts 15.6 Tbps mid-plane bandwidth, the highest blade server chassis bandwidth in the industry. This

Huawei also announced the availability in the US of its OceanStor 18500 and OceanStor 18800 series of enterprise storage systems, featuring up to 16 controllers, 3TB of cache, 192 network ports, 3,216 HDDs or SSDs, and 65,536 LUNs.