Monday, November 11, 2013

Cumulus Networks Unveils Open Boot Loader for Network Operating Systems

Cumulus Networks cited support for its Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) project, a network boot loader for installing software on network switches.

ONIE aims to accelerate the adoption of bare metal switches by making it much easier for customers to buy and deploy standards-based network hardware. Specifically, ONIE is the combination of a boot loader and a small Linux operating system for bare metal network switches that provides an environment for automated software download, installation and provisioning.Cumulus is contributing ONIE to the Open Compute Project. In addition, the company said its open source initiative is currently supported on a range of existing ODM switches.

“We have promoted open source since our inception and are really thrilled to contribute ONIE to the Open Compute Project,” said JR Rivers, CEO and co-founder of Cumulus. “Given that Cumulus Networks’ core technology is Linux, openness is built into our DNA. This is another step in our efforts to overhaul single vendor blobs and advance networking beyond the current barriers.”

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