Sunday, November 3, 2013

CENTRI Raises $13 Million for Mobile Bandwidth Optimization

CENTRI Technology, a start-up based in Seattle, announced a $13 million Series C round of financing to support its mobile bandwidth optimization and bandwidth management solutions.

CENTRI’s BitSmartCX platform uses patented optimization techniques that dynamically reduce the amount of data transmitted across the network via byte-level caching technology, between the device, the radio network backhaul, and the network core.  The platform can also provide encryption in the same pass.  The solution could be applied at network aggregation point, within the radio network base stations, or within the endpoint device such as a smartphone, mobile tablet, smart meter, point-of-sale kiosk, automobile, etc.

“Securing funding from new investors and continued investment from existing investors underscores the growing confidence in CENTRI and our solutions,” said Vaughan Emery, founder and CEO of CENTRI Technology. “As mobile data usage continues to grow year over year, mobile network operators across the globe are challenged to keep pace with the growing demand for data services while remaining competitive in the marketplace. This need signals a significant market opportunity for CENTRI’s solutions, particularly BitSmartCX, which is designed to help mobile operators efficiently manage network capacity while lowering their overall costs of services.”

CENTRI’s latest round of funding includes investments from Angel Valkyrie, LLC and participation from existing investors.