Thursday, November 14, 2013

AWS Boosts Compute I/O Performance Via SSD

At the AWS re:Invent! show in Las Vegas, CTO Werner Vogels announced the I2 instances are optimized for high performance random I/O.  
AWS said the greater performance is achieved using 2.5 GHz intel Xeon E5-2670v2 processors with Turbo mode enabled. EC2's new enhanced networking, and SSDs.  At the high-end,  i2.8xlarge instances will be able to deliver 350,000 random read IOPS and 320,000 random write IOPS. 
Instance NamevCPU CountRAM Instance Storage (SSD)
i2.large215 GiB1 x 360 GB
i2.xlarge430.5 GiB1 x 720 GB
i2.2xlarge861 GiB2 x 720 GB
i2.4xlarge16122 GiB4 x 720 GB
i2.8xlarge32244 GiB8 x 720 GB

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