Sunday, November 3, 2013

Australia's NBN Now Reaches 107,000 Premises

Australia's NBNco has begun posting weekly updates on the rollout progress of its new infrastructure.

As of Sunday, October 27th:

  • 107,230 premises are using the NBN across the fibre, fixed wireless and interim satellite networks
  • Of this total, 40,441 are receiving the NBN via fibre to the premises in brownfields communities with a further 21,801 fibre users in new developments (or “greenfields” estates). 
  • There are 41,482 satellite users 
  • There are 3506 fixed wireless users.
  • In the brownfields fibre footprint specifically, 229,398 premises are passed by the fibre optic cable. Of these, 158,712 premises – or 69%  – are currently able to order an NBN service.