Sunday, November 17, 2013

AT&T U-verse Internet Hits 10 Million Customer Milestone

AT&T passed the 10 million customers milestone for its U-verse High Speed Internet service.  The company credits its multi-billion dollar Project Velocity IP with boosting the business. AT&T said that since announcing Project VIP one year ago, it has added about 2.5 million broadband customer locations. The plan calls for expanding IP broadband to reach about 57 million customer locations by the end of 2015. The plan also calls for Internet speed upgrades. Earlier this year, AT&T rolled out U-verse High Speed Internet Power with up to 45 Mbps download speeds in 79 markets.  And the company plans to raise speeds up to 75 and 100 Mbps in the future.

"This latest milestone shows how U-verse is helping transform AT&T into a premier IP broadband company," said Lori Lee, senior executive vice president, AT&T Home Solutions. As of 3Q 2013, total U-verse high speed Internet subscribers represented about 60 percent of all wireline broadband subscribers, compared with 43 percent in the year-earlier quarter.