Friday, October 18, 2013

Xtera Supplies 100G for TIM Brasil in Amazonas

Xtera Communications supplied its 100G optical transport platform to TIM Brasil for a new infrastructure deployment connecting three cities in the Amazon: Manaus, Macapá and Belém.

Xtera’s Nu-Wave Optima 100G optical networking platform was used for a new optical backbone network that was built using the tower transmission lines and power substations of the LT Amazon consortium.  The TIM Brasil cables connect 27 cities in the states of Amazonas, Pará and Amapá. Given the challenging geography of this network environment, the lengths of 5 out of the 14 spans that make up this infrastructure exceed 200 km between sites where active optical equipment is positioned. The longest of these spans reaches nearly 260 km.

"The construction of the first 100G backbone in the Amazon is an innovative and challenging project, connecting one of the most important cities in the Amazon region – Manaus – that will host 2014 FIFA World Cup. This project will bring many benefits to the regional population and reinforces the commitment of TIM for expanding and improving its network throughout Brazil," says Cicero Olivieri, Director of Fixed & Transport Network of TIM Brazil. “We are pleased with the performance of Xtera’s technology, highlighted by the long-span capability and the minimal number of regeneration sites throughout the network, and with their commitment to take on the challenges inherent to any deployment in the Amazon Region."


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