Thursday, October 10, 2013

NSN Advances its Customer Experience Management

Nokia Solutions and Networks continues to build it advanced Customer Experience Management (CEM) capabilities, which help mobile operators understand what is happening on their networks from the subscriber perspective and take proactive measures to build customer loyalty.

NSN is offering a step-by-step approach for mobile operators to prepare for, integrate and adopt the CEM capabilities:

  • Prepare for CEM: Helps operators understand and prepare for specific applications of CEM to meet their needs. The services evaluate the best ways to use CEM, enable decision-making, assess required changes to existing processes, and model the targeted quality of experience.
  • Integrate CEM: Helps operators customize and integrate CEM into their existing processes.
  • Use CEM: Enables operators to act on customer insights and transform to experience-driven operations.

NSN is extending its portfolio with a CEM on Demand content pack to drill down into trends and identify business opportunities with over-the-top (OTT) services. NSN’s new Big Data CEM engine has a unique telco-specific data-processing architecture that helps provide rapid insight into the customer experience.

NSN is also extending CEM on Demand with a new content pack that focuses on fresh marketing opportunities by monitoring and analyzing how people are using OTT services in mobile networks. With detailed insight on the devices used, adoption rates, data volumes and other trends, mobile operators can identify business opportunities from partnering with an OTT provider or creating a competitive offer.

“CEM has developed rapidly in recent years and now offers a wide range of powerful capabilities to help operators improve customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty, win new revenue, reduce churn and raise profitability,“ said Santeri Jussila, head of Customer Insight and Experience at NSN.“Our new CEM Service Suite is an end-to-end approach to navigating the many options and technologies available and to identifying and implementing the right solution for the operator’s current needs. Operators can now choose CEM solutions that will grow with their strategy and evolving subscriber demands.”

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