Thursday, October 17, 2013

Layer123 SDN & OpenFlow World Congress: China Unicom and Telefónica on NFV

China Unicom and Telefónica published a whitepaper about their Joint Approach to Network Virtualization.

The carriers see network transformation as fundamental for achieving the flexibility and efficiency required to keep up with exploding customer traffic. The collaboration focuses on the development and standardization of Network Virtualisation technologies.  Use cases they are working on include the Virtualization of the Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE).

“China Unicom considers operators are facing great challenges such as complicate, huge network, difficult to maintain and long time to provide new services, with the SDN and NFV technology, network virtualization will be a good way for us to solve these problems”, Mr Zhang Zhong Ping, director of technical department of China Unicom said.

“Telefónica sees the implementation of SDN and NFV technologies as a factor of our network infrastructure development strategy,” said Mr Enrique Algaba, Director of Network Innovation at Telefónica I+D – Global CTO Unit. “We expect that scheme for CPE virtualization we jointly propose will help us prove the viability of this technology and enable us to implement rollouts in a more flexible and reliable way coupled with low operating costs.”

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