Monday, October 21, 2013

Ikanos Unveils Neos Chipset Supporting

Ikanos Communications unveiled its next-generation DSL platform supporting the protocol for gigabit rates over standard copper lines.

The new Ikanos Neos architecture leverages the company’s ultra-low-power analog technology for improved power-per-port performance, gigabit data-rates, and high transmission reliability and line stability in high-data-rate vectored environments. The architecture is designed to support all the CPE and CO requirements in the specification, including line-power, VDSL2 fallback, and G.vector, configurable as single or multi-port.

Prototype availability is scheduled for the second quarter of 2014.

"The introduction of our next-generation platform is a testament to Ikanos’ commitment to advancements in DSL technology and to our dedication to driving the industry forward while bringing innovative and differentiated products to our customers,” said Omid Tahernia, president and CEO at Ikanos. “To us is not simply the next step in the evolution of the DSL standard. enables the realization of a vision where hybrid fiber-copper networks turn the promise of gigabit broadband into reality for telcos, effectively eliminating the need for costly FTTH deployments. While Ikanos has been at the forefront of driving the standardization efforts and is a strong advocate of standards compliancy and interoperability, we have maintained our focus on innovation and believe our family of products will bring unique and differentiated power profiles and robust transmission features to our customers, putting Ikanos in a leading position as the industry adopts the new standard."

In addition,  Ikanos introduced a new member of its VDSL2 CO (Central Office) processor family, the single-port Velocity-Uni. When used in tandem with a Fusiv Vx185-based home gateway, the end-to-end solution is capable of delivering up to 300Mbps aggregate data rate in FTTdp applications, covering a distance of up to 200 meters.


  • Earlier this year Ikanos demonstrated an aggregate data rate of 150Mbps at a distance of 500 meters in a 192-port DSLAM configuration.

  • The company has also demonstrated 300Mbps aggregate performance at 200 meters, ideal for short-loop FTTdp deployments.