Thursday, October 17, 2013

Huawei Confirms Contract for China Telecom's Global Optical Backbone

Huawei has been selected as China Telecom’s partner in the global deployment of its backbone optical transport network (OTN) covering the U.S., UK, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, and eight provinces of mainland China.  Multiple core nodes will be deployed in these regions. The OTNs will connect to various carrier networks around the world and expand with the development of services. Financial terms were not disclosed.

China Telecom used to deploy international private lines based on an SDH+WDM solution. In this solution, SDH was used at the access layer, while large-capacity WDM was used at the aggregation and backbone layers.

In this project, China Telecom adopts the innovative OTN+WDM solution, in which OTN, instead of SDH, is used for service access and scheduling. OTN features high access capacities and flexible scheduling of large-granularity services, simplifying the scheduling of large-granularity services and standing as an inspiring case for the industry.

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