Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ericsson Adds Multi-App Blade to Smart Services Router

Ericsson introduced a multiple-application card for its Smart Services Routers (SSR).  The board, which is powered by the custom SNP 4000 ASIC introduced earlier this year, can support various services concurrently without compromising performance.

Ericsson is positioning its enhanced SSR for new application and service models, such as network slicing, driven by the adoption of SDN, virtualization and cloud technologies in the network.  The new SNP 4000 board is designed to provide granular and personalized services with tens of millions of traffic flows.  Highlights include:

  • high-touch services, such as advanced subscriber management, IP routing and new SDN-driven applications
  • flexible allocation of resources using a patented architecture
  • Layer 2 to Layer 7 applications running concurrently on the board without compromising on performance
  • a standard programming environment with GNU C/C++ tool chain on Linux, making it easier and faster to add new applications.

  • In March 2013, Ericsson introduced a network processing chipset that integrates thousands of processing cores to enable products that can scale from 100Gbps to 1Tbps and applications that support millions of subscribers.   The SNP 4000 ASIC, which was developed in-house, features a hyper-threaded, completion architecture that runs the Linux OS with full support for GNU based C/C++ tool chain.

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