Monday, October 21, 2013

Broadcom Debuts System-level Vector Processor

Broadcom introduced its system-level vector processor (VP) for removing crosstalk interference on DSL networks .

Broadcom said its BCM65500 solution enables services with throughput well over 100 Mbps downstream from any port of standard xDSL chassis of up to 384-lines. The BCM65500 vectoring processor is a turnkey system-level vectoring solution that offers Vector Control Entity (VCE) software to manage the BCM65500 and G.vector DSP chipsets, as well as Broadcom's high-performance, power-efficient 28nm XLP II control processor. The advanced microarchitecture leverages the 28nm process for industry-leading power and cost.

Network operators can see performance benefits with the upgrade of a single system fabric board in an already-deployed DSLAM -- a comparatively lower investment to more than double the bandwidth of existing copper lines.

"G.vector technology enables global operators to deliver high-bandwidth broadband services quickly, easily and cost-effectively by extending the performance of existing copper infrastructures," said Greg Fischer, Broadcom Vice President and General Manager, Broadband Carrier Access. "Our new system-level vector processor, utilizing Broadcom's field-proven G.vector technology and our unique DSL expertise, offers system OEMs a comprehensive solution to support the continued growth of DSL and FTTN services."

The Broadcom BCM65500 currently is sampling.

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