Thursday, October 10, 2013

Amazon Web Services Targets Start-Ups with Credits, Training, Support

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now offering a package of resources for start-ups, including AWS credits, training, developer support, a special start-up community forum and special offers from third parties.

The company said the goal of its AWS Activate bundles is to enable start-ups to get started with AWS and successfully use the AWS platform to help grow their businesses.

AWS Activate is organized into two packages - a self-starter package, which any start-up can apply for, and a portfolio package, which can be applied for by start-ups in select accelerator, incubator, venture capital seed funds or entrepreneur organizations. Each package includes varied levels of resources to help fit customers' needs.

Start-ups receiving either package get access to the Start-up Forum, where AWS experts and other start-up customers can share best practices. The Start-up Forum gives start-ups a way to learn from and interact with a community of peers building world-changing apps on AWS. In addition, start-ups accepted into AWS Activate may have access to special offers, such as product discounts, from select third-party companies in the AWS ecosystem, providing start-ups with additional valuable technologies and tools.

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