Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Advantech Integrates Netronome's Flow Processing Technology

Advantech and Netronome are collaborating to produce high performance x86 systems for the networking and telecom industries.

Specifically, Advantech integrates Netronome's NFE-3240 acceleration cards into its Carrier Grade and Optimized IO servers that are a part of its CGS-6000 High Performance Server Line. Highly optimized, next generation appliance and server designs which leverage Netronome’s NFP-6000 series of flow processors are now under development with full disclosure slated for the first quarter 2014.

Netronome’s flow processors offload x86 cores from compute intensive tasks such as network load balancing between cores, cut-through forwarding of traffic, tunnel encapsulation/decapsulation, encryption/decryption, and traffic grooming for efficient processing of network flows.


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