Monday, September 16, 2013

ZTE’s Announces Reconfigurable Terabit Router

ZTE announced a flexible reconfigurable terabit router for high-performance broadband networks.

The terabit router, which uses a custom chipset developed in-house, is designed to support a variety of line cards ranging from 10G up to 1 Tbps. The router's modular design will enable it to scale from 200G to 18T of total throughput. ZTE said its platform will achieve leading power-consumption performance of 0.8W/Gbps.

“Globally, it is becoming more important to deliver excellent value to customers, and help them achieve sustainable development of their businesses,” said Mr. Xu Ming, General Manager of ZTE’s Bearer Network Product Division. “The flexible reconfigurable terabit router offers industry-leading routing performance, and can drive improved efficiency and extend equipment life-span. The high flexibility and configurability of the router offers unprecedented scalability, and supports a wide range of service provisions as the network evolves.”