Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spirent Avalanche NEXT Delivers High Performance Application-Aware Testing

Spirent Communications introduced its Avalanche NEXT solution for testing the performance, scalability and security of application-aware network infrastructures.

Spirent's Avalanche NEXT can generate authentic traffic and attacks over multiple 10G ports using actual application patterns to test the performance and scalability of network infrastructure prior to live rollouts.  The solution, which combines Spirent Avalanche’s performance testing with Spirent Studio’s threats and application emulation capabilities, can be used to test, validate and roll-out application-aware systems and networks.

Product highlights include:

  • Intuitive “drag, drop and click” based user interface that can be operated from a web-enabled device such as a tablet making it easy to set-up and run tests cases. Test engineers can either run methodology based tests from a browser or downloads the latest application profiles
  • Over 3,500 user scenarios and over 750 protocols that let engineers quickly test with the latest and greatest applications and attacks, all with unparalleled realism and scalability.
  • Line rate stateful HTTP traffic for multiple 10G ports enables stress testing of high scale security devices to find the limits in tracking connections and performance in the most extreme production scenarios.
  • Over 7 Million connections per second which can recreate seasonal, weekly or special event user spike scenarios to verify how the device or network will react.
  • Integrated protocol fuzzing for finding unknown or Zero Day vulnerabilities before they happen so the impact on security systems can be benchmarked and characterized.

“Avalanche NEXT offers product development and IT operations teams an advantage by helping them bring solutions and services to market quickly, with proven scalability, security and performance capabilities,” said Jeff Schmitz, Chief Marketing Officer at Spirent Communications. “Unlike other products that continuously generate the same traffic, Avalanche NEXT provides multi-10 Gbps testing with authentic payloads based on actual application transactions and usage for realistic security, load and functional testing.”


In 2012, Spirent Communications acquired Mu Dynamics, which developed network security and application performance testing tools, for $40.0 million in cash.

Mu Studio, the company's flag ship product line, was designed for performance and security testing of cloud infrastructure, including network security systems, deep packet inspection (DPI) solutions, and LTE networks. Its Blitz is a self-service load and performance testing solution for cloud applications. Mu TestCloud compiles thousands of ready-to-runs tests, covering hundreds of applications.

Mu Dynamics was based in Sunnyvale, California.

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