Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Qualcomm Launches 2net Mobile for Secure On-the-Go Medical Device Connectivity

Qualcomm is launching "2net Mobile", a gateway for aggregating clinical data from multiple medical device sensors into one unified stream on a variety of mobile phones and tablets.

2net Mobile is a white-label solution for secure data transmission in compliance with HIPAA security requirements.

Specifically, 2net Mobile is a software module designed to enable Android smartphones, tablets and other data-capable devices to take on the gateway functionality of the 2net Hub.

The 2net Hub, which launched in December 2011, delivers short-range radio flexibility, security, interoperability and seamless data transfer, while serving as the information highway for machine-to-machine connectivity for wireless medical devices into and out of the home.

2net Mobile will allow this connectivity to extend beyond the home so that users can securely monitor and transmit their readings while on-the-go.

Qualcomm is now offering a 2net Mobile Software Development Kit for those interested in using the 2net managed services through their applications.

"Our objective with the launch of 2net Mobile is to further support our customers' business strategies in remote patient monitoring, while enhancing the ability to innovate on the 2net Platform," said Rick Valencia, vice president and general manager, Qualcomm Life. "Through its open approach to connectivity, transmission and aggregation of data on mobile phones and tablets, 2net Mobile improves the capability of users to monitor their health anytime, anywhere."

Qualcomm Life will be showcasing 2net Mobile the company's Uplinq 2013 event this week in San Diego.


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