Saturday, September 28, 2013

Orange Launches LTE Signalling Wholesale Service

Orange introduced a wholesale LTE Signalling service that will allow mobile operators to provide their customers with a 4G roaming service.  The LTE Signalling is delivered through direct connectivity and peering agreements.

LTE Signalling is one of the à la carte services  available through Orange’s Multiservice IP eXchange solution which  provides a high-level of security and quality of service. Orange’s IPX  network offers a large footprint that comprises 30 points of presence  (PoPs) worldwide. It guarantees a packet-loss ratio of less than 0.05%  and jitter inferior to 5ms. LTE Signalling, based on the "Diameter”  signalling protocol, is built on dedicated platforms integrated in  Orange’s cutting-edge IPX network and provides additional security,  interoperability and enhanced routing functions.

Orange confirmed that it has already set-up interconnection agreements with the other major carriers.

“Orange has developed LTE Signalling for operators to  allow them to build a high-quality 4G roaming service that is fully  compliant with GSMA guidelines. The Group’s Open Connectivity policy and  extensive peering agreements allow us to provide wholesale clients with  the opportunity to benefit from a large coverage. LTE Signalling is a  must-have service that offers both differentiation and the ability to  generate additional revenues in an increasingly evolutive market,” says  Alexandre Pébereau, EVP International Carriers, Orange.

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