Monday, September 9, 2013

Infinera's Super-Channel SD-FEC Can Double Capacity for TeliaSonera IC North America

TeliaSonera International Carrier's (TSIC) North America terrestrial network can double the capacity of a key link by implementing Infinera's super-channel implementation of  Soft Decision Forward Error Correction (SD-FEC) on the Infinera DTN-X platform.

Infinera completed a verification test on a production route between Houston and Phoenix in TSIC’s North America network. The company said the test verified the ability of Infinera's SD-FEC technology to double the available transmission capacity on this network link. Infinera also announced today that the SD-FEC capability is now generally available on the DTN-X platform.

Infinera’s DTN-X platform delivers the industry’s only long haul FlexCoherent 500 Gbps super-channels based 500 Gbps Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) and the FlexCoherent Processor. Infinera has deployed DTN-X networks in 30 countries with hundreds of super-channels activated into production. The DTN-X now offers SD-FEC, which is integrated into Infinera's third generation FlexCoherent Processor chip and combined with a world-record Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) compensation capability that is specifically engineered to optimize capacity and reach.

Infinera Co-founder and President, Dr. David Welch added, “Earlier this year, we demonstrated our third generation FlexCoherent Processor, integrated with SD-FEC along with 500 Gb/s PICs, in a trial that doubled capacity on a submarine cable link from Hawaii to California. Today, we are pleased to announce that these benefits can also be delivered in a terrestrial environment and that the industry’s first super-channel SD-FEC solution is now generally available."

In June 2013, TeliaSonera International Carrier, which has previously deployed Infinera's DTN-X platform across its North American network, confirmed deployment of Infinera equipment in its European network.  The first route is Stockholm-to-Hamburg, one of the busiest on its European network.

TSIC, which operates a wholly owned fiber optic network connecting 200 Point of Presence (PoPs)) across Europe, North America and Asia, said it chose Infinera in part for the speed in configuring bandwidth for new customers, some of whom are asking for large bandwidth configurations to ready in a matter of days. The Infinera platform has helped TSIC win new customers by its rapid provisioning.