Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ericsson acquires Airvana's EVDO Business

Ericsson has acquired Airvana Network Solutions' EVDO business. The acquisition resolves a lawsuit filed by Airvana in Februaru 2012 against Ericsson. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Airvana Network Solutions is a Massachusetts-based company and supplier of EVDO software to Ericsson. EVDO software enables data transmission in a CDMA wireless network and is an important part of the CDMA ecosystem. Airvana's approximately 38 EVDO specialists joined Ericsson group.

Ericsson said the acquisition ensures long-term support for its CDMA customers.

Paul Challoner, Vice President, head of CDMA Radio product, says: "Ericsson is committed to CDMA and to its CDMA customers. We recognize that CDMA will continue to be an important technology in the operators' networks. We continue our vertical integration strategy for key CDMA products and further strengthen our control over product portfolio, ensuring long-term support to our customers with the ability to better respond to their requirements."