Thursday, September 12, 2013

Broadcom Unveils STB Chipsets for 4K UltraHD

Broadcom introduced new set-top box chipsets supporting UltraHD subscriber hardware and content.  These new set-top box (STB) devices for satellite, cable and IP integrate support for the advanced high-efficiency video codec (HEVC) standard H.265 that will allow existing high-speed data networks to better utilize the higher throughput required by UltraHD content.

Broadcom said its new designs have been architected to support UltraHD/4k up to Main10profile and up to 60 frames per second.  They are designed to rapidly incorporate the latest HDMI 2.0 digital TV interface standard.

"Broadcom first pioneered UltraHD technology with the introduction of the BCM7445, the world's first 4Kx2K TV home gateway chip, in January of this year," said Rich Nelson, Broadcom Senior Vice President of Marketing, Broadband Communications Group. "With the launch of today's HEVC chipset series, Broadcom continues to demonstrate its commitment to proliferating HEVC across the broadest possible product range and to support our customer requirements to drive this technology quickly into the market, particularly as lower-cost UltraHD TVs drive consumer awareness."

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