Monday, August 5, 2013

Lightower Fiber Networks Expands in Virginia

Lightower Fiber Networks, which operates a network spanning 20,000 route miles throughout the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and Chicago metro markets, announced a major 1,500-mile expansion throughout Virginia and the Washington, D.C. metro region.

In May 2012, Lightower began constructing over 1,100 route miles of high fiber-count network blanketing most of Virginia and into North Carolina. Additionally, Lightower is announcing the addition of almost 400 route miles in the Washington, D.C. metro region, including parts of northern Virginia and southern Maryland.

The company noted that its unique route between Washington, D.C. and New York is geographically diverse from the I-95 corridor.

“This expansion dramatically increases the number of customers Lightower can serve in the Washington, D.C. metro and Virginia markets,” stated Rob Shanahan, CEO of Lightower.