Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dell’Oro: Microwave Transmission Revenue Grew 13% in 2Q2013

The point-to-point Microwave Transmission equipment market grew 13 percent in the second quarter 2013, according to a newly published report by Dell’Oro Group.

Dell'Oro finds that four vendors comprised more than two thirds of the microwave equipment market at nearly 70 percent.  Huawei managed to capture the most market share in the second quarter by growing its revenue 41 percent sequentially; the highest growth rate among the top four vendors.

“The microwave market turned in its highest growth rate since the second quarter 2012 but nevertheless fell short of historical revenue levels as use of microwave systems for mobile backhaul remained low,” said Jimmy Yu, Vice President of Microwave Transmission research at Dell’Oro Group. “We do, however, anticipate that this sub-billion dollar market trend will reverse during the remainder of the year as mobile operators drive their LTE network expansion into additional geographic regions where using microwave systems will be preferred over laying additional fiber,” Yu added.