Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Citrix to Open NetScaler Control Center for VMware NSX

Citrix's NetScaler Control Center will gain support for VMware's new NSX network virtualization technology. This will provides automated deployment and configuration of NetScaler functionality within networks that will use the new VMware NSX network virtualization platform and other VMware virtualization technologies. Release dates have not yet been specified.

Citrix said its goal is to enable cloud administrators to programmatically insert NetScaler services into software-defined data centers built on VMware virtualization technologies.

Benefits include:

  •  Enable users to spin-up NetScaler services in their VMware-based cloud environments at the same time they are spinning up virtual servers, virtual storage and the larger virtual network

  • Allow self-service NetScaler configuration by users directly from the VMware vCloud GUI
  • Free users from dealing with the complexities of network topology and configuration, allowing them to focus solely on the NetScaler functionality that their applications need

  • Complement NetScaler Insight Center and NetScaler Command Center, solutions that deliver deep visibility and control to critical business applications and mobile services across public and private cloud environments