Wednesday, August 28, 2013

24/7 Mid-Atlantic Network Launches Transport Services with Ciena

24/7 Mid-Atlantic Network, a new carrier backed by a Baltimore based investment group, is preparing to launch high-speed transport and Ethernet services between Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Ashburn, Virginia.  The network is based on the Ciena 6500 Packet-Optical Platform.

24/7 Mid-Atlantic plans to offer 24-hour turn-up guarantee on 10G services.  Along with its long-haul assets, 24/7 has deep metro assets in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., with thousands of near-net buildings and extensive reach throughout the data center community in Ashburn, Virginia.

"We are thrilled to enter into the lit services market.  Coupled with our Colocation and Dark Fiber Services this is the next logical step to offer additional value to our customers," said Sean Baillie, Chief Revenue Officer at 24/7.  "Across the data center, wireless, enterprise, cable, and government sectors we see high-capacity bandwidth needs continue to grow.  Our customers have specific requirements: flexible service options, fast quote turnaround, competitive pricing, and rapid installations.  The Ciena 6500 Platform enables us to meet these demands now and into the future.  Our competition will have some work to do to keep up with us in how nimbly we operate."

The network will be operational in December 2013.