Monday, July 15, 2013

Numecent Offers Native as a Service (NaaS) on AWS

Numecent, a start-up based in Irvine, California with offices in the UK, introduced a "Native as a Service" that uses Amazon Web Services to optimize the delivery of native Windows-based applications.  The idea is to enable independent software vendors to deliver their applications from the cloud with optional subscription billing without any changes to their source code.

Numecent said its NaaS is to cloud-delivered native applications, what SaaS is to Web-applications. The solution aims to reduce or eliminate the revenue loss attributed to piracy as there is never an unencrypted or persistent executable to 'crack' on the client device.

"As the delivery of digital goods moves unstoppably towards the Cloud, companies offering SaaS have been reaping enormous economic benefits with their Web applications," said Osman Kent, co-founder and CEO of Numecent. "However, until the advent of NaaS, most ISVs with native applications have been unable to participate in this new economy due to technical, financial and resourcing barriers. NaaS changes all that – it is an instant enabler for ISVs, large and small, who want to monetize their inventory now – with or without subscription. NaaS is an effortless on-ramp to the Cloud economy for ISVs."

Numecent is offering its NaaS as a white-label offering hosted on AWS.